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Account Info:

Name: FarnekGarnek
Member Since: 2022-09-17
Last Updated: 2022-09-20

Basic Info:

Status: Visitor to the site
Sex: Male
Birthday: 1989-01-18

Personal Info:

Looking For: i dont know / nei wiem
Relationship Status: Single
Interests: playing games, watchuing movies
Music: jenette maccurdy so close
About Me: Im Franek, and yeah my friends should know me.

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🦈 wrote:
at 2022-11-20 9:27 am


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Rene m Gave a Gift:
at 2022-09-24 4:07 pm

heres a kitten lolz

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Rene m wrote:
at 2022-09-24 4:01 pm

beep boop lol

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